About Us

We are Interasco


We are an independent, sustainably growing, and smartly managed company that has been able to establish a great product due to clever minds with great ideas and good customers. Our independence also allows us to always put our customers first.


We always aim towards the best possible result. We combine goal-oriented work and high-quality standards, we constantly question and improve our skills - and thus form the basis for our success and that of our customers.


What will IP management look like in the future? Today we are already working on tomorrow's solutions and investing to always stay one step ahead.

Small- and medium-sized companies work with us as well as DAX and ATX listed enterprises.

1999 eFiLiA Framework

Used as the basis for the Bayer patent module, contract and risk management, compliance, insider knowledge, etc. with 40,000 users worldwide

2002 eFiLiA Patent Module

Product distribution Bayer AG

2005 Integrated Database Management System IDMS

Developed for Thales AG as a reseller for use by the German Bundeswehr and the Belgian Navy

2010 eFiLiA

Switch from WebClient to .NET Smartclient

2013 eFiLiA IP Industrie

Market entry

2018 eFiLiA IP Kanzlei

Market entry