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eFiLiA IP.

The Comprehensive IP Management Solution

In addition to the modules for supporting and facilitating administrative tasks, a variety of modules are available to handle complex communication and collaboration tasks.

eFiLiA IP's flexibility allows you to adapt workflows where your business processes require it, based on the extensive standard modules available.

Comprehensive & Flexible

eFiLiA IP covers the entire IP process - from the invention disclosure to the expiration of the IP right and beyond to the supplementary protection certificate (SPC). In addition, eFiLiA IP offers predefined file types for all types of IP rights as well as all important IP management processes. The standard modules of eFiLiA IP based on best practices allow flexible adaptations by configuration and parameterization. In case of operational needs, own customer-specific modules can be developed based on the eFiLiA framework.

Communication & Collaboration

Find portal solutions for direct and efficient communication and collaboration with external service providers, lawyers, and specialist departments. In addition, interfaces to offices and payment service providers are available, as are connections to patent databases. This is complemented by an intuitive single sign-on login and automatic registration processes for internal employees. To keep bureaucratic efforts in check, eFiLiA IP also offers the automatic creation of documents, emails, and official forms from definable templates. Additional services: Central inbox for official mail and correspondence; support for decision-making processes.

Integrated DMS

The document management system integrated in eFiLiA IP is the perfect query for small or large amounts of data. It offers secure, worldwide access to documents of your files and supports you from creation to research. Enterprise functions such as OCR, a multi-page preview function, or the full-text search form the basis.

Global Access

As an enterprise system, eFiLiA IP supports your workflows from individual employees to globally operating organizations or law firms. Collaboration with their internationally operating partners and the integration of your company's employees via modern web applications deliver information to where it belongs.

Integrated Services

With our experience, we competently support and advise you in the introduction as well as the operation of eFiLiA IP. The choice of the IT architecture and the usage model (On-premises or Cloud), data migration, and the mapping of your processes are crucial tasks that arise during the introduction of an IP management system. In addition to ongoing development, eFiLiA IP continuously updates state-specific due date rules and fees.

eFiLiA IP for Industries

By choosing eFiLiA IP Industrie, you transfer your in-house patent management into the digital age. The software ensures an efficient IP strategy coupled with a transparent administration and an established solution for inventor remuneration.

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eFiLiA IP for Law Firms

With eFiLiA IP, you digitize your workflow and manage IP portfolios efficiently and clearly: a comprehensive overview of your clients' portfolios and efficient service recording and invoicing as well as integrated document storage.

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