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eFiLiA Enterprise IP Management

professionally manage intellectual property

eFiLiA IP is a comprehensive solution for intellectual property processes that combines future-proof technologies with software that is easy to operate.

  • Comprehensive electronic file management
  • Prefabricated file types for all types of intellectual property rights, families and patent disputes as well as contracts etc.
  • Support for inventor and external lawyer communication as well as communication with the specialist departments
  • Communication with the authorities via available interfaces
  • Creation of emails, letters and official forms from definable templates
  • Central and personal inbox
  • Integrated document management system with full text search and multi-page previews
  • Calculation and monitoring of due dates and deadlines using pre-defined and individually created due dates rules
  • Payment of official and annual fees, management of costs and preparation of a cost preview
  • Electronic invention disclosure and distribution
  • Inventor remuneration
  • Support of decision-making procedures via patent committees or inquiries to the specialist departments
  • Management of uses

eFiLiA's flexibility allows an adaption of user interfaces and processes to your requirements. All features of the eFiLiA business platform are available.

  • Complete functionality available world-wide and site independent
  • Modern and intuitive user interface
  • User friendliness through guided processes, meaning little training effort
  • Web interface for the involvement of external users

INTERASCO GmbH is an independent software manufacturer since 2000. Among our customers are small and medium-sized enterprises as well as DAX-/ATX-listed international companies.

eFiLiA Framework

eFiLiA – electronic File Lifecycle Application

eFiLiA is the business process platform that allows you to implement all of your business processes easily and quickly.

Interasco offers with eFiLiA (electronic File Lifecycle Application) a business process platform that implements processes based on files, associated data and documents in a comprehensive software solution. The business framework eFiLiA is used by different industries; among our customers are small and medium-sized enterprises as well as DAX-/ATX listed international companies.

For different application areas like patents, trademarks, contracts, domains, invoices, standardized special modules are available that can easily be combined and expanded. The software provides maximum efficiency, safety, reliability and multi-client capability. It can easily be adapted and extended by the user at any time according to individual requirements.

Documents/files/records of different types, their structures, properties, presentation (user interfaces, forms, listings, reports) as well as all processes (workflows) are freely configurable, easy to learn and quick to introduce.

Thus, in the shortest possible time further applications can be provided without the necessity of any software adaption, allowing a swift reaction to changes in business environment.

Our modules can be configured using standard languages, there is no need to learn a special syntax.

The multidisciplinary applicability of the framework based system additionally reduces the complexity for the user; hence it reduces training effort by using always the same familiar interface.

Today, eFiLiA IP is used to manage electronic files and processes in different departments of Bayer AG worldwide.

eFiLiA IP means smooth collaboration of 42.000 users on over 3,5 million files, as well as the entire management of the intellectual property of a corporation holding more than 78.000 patents and patent applications all over the world.


16.000 users, 2 million files, 20 million documents on the same system

Highly Performant

Designed from the beginning to manage large data volumes


Simple process adjustments according to changed requirements - often as a result of restructuring within the company

Multi-Client Capability

One installation - separate multi-client capable secure data storage, user interfaces and processes


User-specific customized adaptation


Our own (designed) framework offers maximum possible flexibility and adaptions


For every user their familiar format variants


Easy extension for new file types and processes


In productive use for over 15 years


DE, US, CN... – Worldwide access to files, documents, due dates, etc.

eFiLiA Business Modules

Additional modules for the eFiLiA Business Platform

The inventor portal forms the communication level to the inventor. Inventors can use this portal to submit invention notifications and find out about the further course of their invention.

The interaction of several inventors in different scenarios, the inclusion of different sources of existing addresses under consideration of data protection as well as the flexible design of the mask for submission are only a few of the many possibilities that the inventor portal offers.


Every patent is the result of a multitude of decisions made. Registering, renewing, dropping, selling - every step is the result of a decision.

Decisions can be made individually or in a group, in the specialist department or the patent department. Many decisions are necessary, others are optional.

The decision module of eFiLiA IP supports you flexibly in the respective decision processes. The eFiLiA IP Decision Module supports everything relevant, from collecting the files to be decided on, to summarizing and sending the relevant information for decision making and implementation.

Entscheidung - Patent Decision

Over the years, complex compensation models can develop within a company. In addition to the statutory remuneration, it is possible to define flexible flat-rate remunerations which are taken into account in the patent process. The strength of eFiLiA, its flexibility, comes into its own here. In addition to the possibilities provided by the guidelines for the remuneration of employee inventions, eFiLiA IP offers, for example

  • Different variants of sales calculation
  • Support of complexes
  • Configurable output format

eFiLiA IP Invention Renumeration offers the following flat-rate customer-specific reimbursements:

  • Flexible definition of requirements
  • Flexible definition of the calculation method(s), including consideration of disbursements made.

From invention disclosure to payment, we provide you with many other modules for the optimal integration of eFiLiA IP into your processes


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